Friday, April 30, 2010

Fertilizer Friday

I am joining Tootsie at Tootsie Time for Fertilizer Friday. Today I am sharing a memorial garden I started last year for our sweet girl Jazzy Rachel she was a 6 yr old pit bull who died after complications from a emergency surgery. We loved her more  than words can say, so to always keep her memory alive I have a small garden in her memory. My daughter said that Jazzy's' favorite color was pink so all the flower are pink or pink tone. I have a pink bubblegum petunia, pink verbenas, pink vincas and pink snapdragons. Most of her toys and blankets were Winnie-the-pooh something my daughter started when she brought her home at 2 weeks old. That is why we have a Winnie-the-pooh statue in her garden.

Jennifer and Jazzy

Hope you enjoy the pictures. I will share more as the garden blooms. Thanks for joining me today and please go over and visit Glenda to see her gorgeous flowers as well as the other bloggers joining her for Fertilizer Friday. Have a great weekend. Patricia


  1. That is a really nice tribute to Jazzy. I look forward to watching the garden progress!

  2. What a lovely memorial! We have made a memorial garden for our guinea pig. It is a nice way to remember our pets and the impact that they have had on our life.

  3. YOur flowers are looking great! I think we get to plant petunias this next week after the snow storm passes. Great memorial garden and thanks for sharing, Paula from Idaho

  4. What a sweet tribute to a friend.